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In Loving Memory ...

of our past German Shepherds that remain in our hearts.

Our hearts break when one of our German Shepherd family members passes away. Over the years, they became a part of our family ... frequently, they have become our "best friend". You talk to them and they listen, you sleep with them in the same room or on your bed, they comfort you when your sick, you take them on the family vacation or weekend outings, they play with the kids and grandkids, and watch over them.

Oh YES, they have made themselves a part of our most personal life. But like with all living things, there is a time to live and a time to die, yet even though death comes, our LOVE for them will remain in our heart, while precious memories keep them with us as we go on with our life journey.

We will have another beloved German Shepherd, and he or she will also become a valued family member and establish their own place in our heart. In memory of the German Shepherds that shared their lives with me, click on the photo album icon to the right.

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