Remembering Fran Zando’s Enna

February 14, 1995 to September 5, 2007



I’ll never forget the moment I first saw you,

Your beauty was breathtaking, and your courage … awesome.

You stood by the children, guarding them from foes,

My first impression and thoughts was simply… WOE!


As your master approached, and invited us in,

We entered with caution, but had no fear then.

For our eyes met … straight and foremost,

I knew in that instance, that we would be close.


We left Mississippi for a long drive home,

You looked puzzled and bewildered, not knowing where you go.

As we drove along, I lent comforting words,

And you calmly listened, and was reassured.

When we pulled in the driveway, you seemed to know,

That all was ok … that you were now home.


We shared over ten years together … you and I,

But not as master and German Shepherd … but as friends and companions,

You were there when I was happy, sad, or mad,

Always understanding and forgiving and then … in your way, making me glad.


Oh yes, you knew too … we were alike in many ways,

Both somewhat stubborn, and a little hard headed,

We could argue with each other … but yet, we were a team.

Spending hours together training and playing, and accomplished a Schutzhund I,

But I must admit that you taught me, as much as I taught you.


Regardless of where we went, you were the best,

You showed no fear, only courage and strength,

You could show your serious side, but when I told you it was ok,

Be kind and inviting, though I knew you would be there should the need arise.


You always greeted me with love and happiness at the end of the day,

You looked forward to going bye-bye … it didn’t matter where or how far.

You were happy just to go with us … Even when you was so sick with cancer,

You would still jump with joy, when dad would ask you if you wanted to go.

Oh …my dear Enna, you are deeply missed.


I will have other German Shepherds … as my heart demands it,

And I’ll love them and care for them … as I did you,

But if you’re looking down from above,

Remember that I will always treasure your friendship, devotion and love.


Thank you … dear Enna, for being my best friend and companion,

You may be gone from this life … but you’ll never be forgotten.

You will live in my heart … until our souls shall someday meet,

And then we’ll search heaven, for just one more treat.



Claudia L. Orum