Member Club of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America - Working Dog Association
** September 2001 through January 2006 **

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The BVWDC closed officially on 01/31/2006. I would like to personally THANK all our former members, trainers, guests, participants, and other friends for the many wonderful training sessions and events we held at the Brazos Valley Working Dog Club. Our club made a positive influence in our community ... our members demonstrated that schutzhund training is a wonderful sport that produces well trained dogs.

In memory of the hard work and dedication of all our former members and participants, I am leaving the general information and the accomplishments of the BVWDC up on this website.

Claudia Orum


Brazos Valley Working Dog Club Statements Of Purpose, Principles And Ethics

BVWDC serves the needs of our community by providing training in the German dog sport of Schutzhund in a learning environment.  We strive to provide quality training and encourage teamwork at all meetings.  Our club agenda includes puppy classes, weekly training sessions, occasional training workshop/seminars by expert trainers, and Schutzhund trials judged by SV judges.  At weekly sessions, we support puppy training as well as young adults and older dogs.  It is our goal to SOCIALIZE our dogs as well as train in the Schutzhund phases of obedience, tracking and protection.  We support your training goals as an INDIVIDUAL, whether you only want to train for a BH (our basic obedience title) or go on to title your dog in a SchH1, 2 or 3.   We feel that in meeting our training goals as individuals, and working together as a TEAM, we promote a positive image of OURSELVES, OUR SPORT and the German Shepherd Dog, as well as the other breeds that train in our club.  The BVWDC is a member club of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America – Working Dog Association.

                                                                       Claudia L. Orum 

Past President 2000-2004


Past Members

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